Atlas of the World. Money

Atlas of the World. Money The new atlas in the series is dedicated to money. While reading it, children will learn what money are, how and where first coins and banknotes appeared, which currencies are the most important ones. Stickers with coins will help to memorize that.


Puzzle of Russia (subjects)

Puzzle of Russia (subjects) New puzzle in our series cartographic puzzles. This one is dedicated to Russia. There are no standard pieces—they are cut by the country’s subjects’ borders.


Colouring Map: Animals

Colouring Map: Animals Colouring map for small children. There are dozens of pictures of animals, which can be coloured. When the map is finished, it will become a unique decoration for a child’s room and it will aid a child to learn some geography.


Satellite Map of the World

Satellite Map of the World Basically, it’s a physical map, which shows all of the geographical objects with their names. Its very detailed index and geographical grid will help you to easily find any object you are looking for.


New version of All Maps 4.3

New version of All Maps 4.3 The new version of our app All Maps is about to be registered. It enables the user to go—from any fragment of a map—to the corresponding fragment in Google.Maps and Yandex.Maps and then come back


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